Chakradhar Auto ( Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. )

The Chakradhar group has a strong foothold in the automobile business. Chakradhar Auto, is a popular and successful automobile service venture by the Chakradhar Group.

A franchise of The Honda Motor Scooter Pvt. Ltd, Chakradhar Auto offers two wheeler workshops, show-rooms and much more.

The Surat automobile industry is known to be the 2nd largest automobile industry in India in term of sales. Chakradhar Auto is among the leading names in the two-wheeler market, mainly when comes to HONDA; adding to the position that Surat enjoys.

Chakradhar Auto holds its own in many different parts of Surat and beyond.

  • Workshops and sales points in and around Surat City.
  • More than 5000 vehicles serviced every month
  • Various functions in place for customer walk ins and visits such as plush customer lounges and more
  • The highest levels of service and quality, catering to new customers, and loyally serving the existing ones for years
  • Annual sales of over 9600 vehicles
  • Syndicated dealing of vehicles, making Chakradhar Auto a single touch point for the same
  • Employee strength of over 150, comprising of one of the brightest minds in the automobile industry.