Our Business

For years, now, The Chakradhar Group has pioneered many facets of business and infrastructure. We have, under our wing, some of the brightest minds - working together to achieve excellent and top quality service. Each facet of our businesses is streamlined and made cohesive, such that there is utmost success brought about for our clients through drive and harmony.

We have diversified our business and have constantly thrived to expand and achieve to the max of our abilities, and more.

The Chakradhar group has branched out into the following categories of business

Our Business


Be it commercial, or residential, Chakradhar Group provides the finest. For Eco homes, commercial avenues or corporate houses, Chakradhar Infrastructure delivers signature models of homes and business fronts.


The Chakradhar Group has a strong foothold in the automobile business. Since 2003, Chakradhar Auto is a popular and successful automobile Sales & Service venture by the Chakradhar Group.


The Chakradhar Group, for over two decades, has done exceptionally well in the petroleum business. The Chakradhar group has been steadily cruising the Petroleum business, in the form of Shree Ram Petroleum.


Upping the ante to the electronics business, the Chakradhar Group offers a multitude of services in the form of exclusive Showroom as Sony Center & Samsung Smart Plaza by Sony & Samsung Electronics.


We, at the Chakradhar Group believe that every important event in life requires a celebration; and that is exactly why we offer truly exceptional banquet services in form of " Shagun - The Celebration " along with more than 30 Luxurious Rooms.